T-Rock has been specializing in down hole coiled tubing services since 2000.

T-Rock CT Services provides quality performance and advanced solutions for all your coiled tubing requirements for the oil & gas industry. We are always striving to provide innovative solutions in a safe and efficient manner that will satisfy all your operational needs.

We specialize in 1 ¼ – 2” coil and provide an experienced team that can handle all job scopes including cleanouts, instrumentation strings (installations & retrieval), abandonments, sleeve shifting, acid stimulations, millouts/drillouts, and many other services. Our rigs and team offer a customized approach to help with your down hole issues, which include tubing friction analysis, circulation modelling, etc.

Our E-Coil department is setup to provide a safe and advanced method for servicing horizontal wells with the benefits of substantial cost savings versus typical wireline applications. As the demand for E-Coil grows, our team is ready to service all of your horizontal well application requirements.


  • Nitrogen Pumpers
  • Coiled Tubing Units
  • 10K Pressure Trucks
  • Flow Back Tanks