Rock Solid’s core business is our Nitrogen Pumping Services.

Rock Solid utilizes nitrogen services to purge oil wells, facilities, pipelines, and any other environment where nitrogen can displace gases/substances with the inert gas. We offer a fleet of ambient, heat recovery units that are capable of rates from 8 to 85scm at 10,000 psi. Each unit has a tank that holds 7,000 scm of product. Data acquisition is easy with real time graphs and digital displays, while providing high/low alarms and manual gauges for backup. Rock Solid’s mid-rate pumping units are direct fired units that are capable of pumping between 40 to 360 scm of product.

Our large fleet of nitrogen bulkers are able to provide high nitrogen volumes for all project sizes. Rock Solid has storage facilities strategically placed throughout our Western Canada operations in Waskada (MB), Creelman (SK), Vermilion (AB), Bonnyville (AB), and Grande Prairie (AB) to keep our units rolling.