T-Rock has a diverse fleet of pickers, winch tractors, tank cradles, Texas bed trucks, and tractors ready for operational excellence.

We specialize in picker services ranging from 30 to 50 ton stiff booms, with jibs that allow us to reach 110 feet with certified spreader bars and man baskets.

T-Rock also has a fleet of 30 and 40 ton winch tractors and tank cradles with hydraulic arms to keep us busy hauling and setting tanks. Our operations team has years of relevant experience to safely provide large scale site/tank moves. We have the proven track record and ability to move all your heavy loads down the road. We even look after the permitting, road closures, and power lines so you can feel relieved.

  • Pickers (up to 50t)
  • Winch Trucks
  • Tank Cradles
  • Rig Moving