We Are A Leading Provider Of Picker Trucks And Heavy Haul Services

At T-Rock, we specialize in picker services ranging from 30 to 50-ton stiff booms, with jibs that allow us to reach 110 feet with certified spreader bars and man baskets. Rock Solid Companies has emerged as a leading provider of picker trucks and heavy haul services in Calgary. We offer top-notch assistance to various industries. Our commitment to providing exceptional picker truck and heavy haul services has earned us a strong reputation in the industry. That’s why our clients have come to rely on our professional approach, attention to detail, and efficient execution of projects, regardless of their size or complexity.

  • Picker trucks (up to 50t)
  • Winch Trucks
  • Tank Cradles
  • Rig Moving

T-Rock has a diverse fleet of pickers, winch tractors, tank cradles, Texas bed trucks, and tractors ready for operational excellence.

T-Rock also has a fleet of 30 and 40-ton winch trucks and tank cradles with hydraulic arms to keep us busy hauling and setting tanks in Calgary. Therefore, our operations team has years of relevant experience to do the job safely. Our experienced drivers and operators at T-Rock are highly trained in operating these picker trucks in Calgary, ensuring that the entire process is executed precisely and cautiously, minimizing potential risks or damages. We have a proven track record and can move all your heavy loads. At T-Rock, we even look after the permitting, road closures, and power lines, so you don’t have to. We are equipped to handle even the most challenging lifting and hauling tasks. Our picker trucks in Calgary are designed with precision and safety in mind and they can lift and transport heavy loads smoothly to their destination.

Below is an example of the Picker trucks, winch trucks, and heavy haul equipment we have. This is just a small glance at what we do best.
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